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Gnome Alone - Character Design

GNOME ALONE (on Netflix North America since 2018 Oct 18)
It's always a great surprise to discover a movie on which I worked years ago.
When Cinesite, Montreal called me, I had the chance to work on the very (very) early stages of the gnome characters, and it is truly fun to see that they did keep some of the ideas I offered!
Now I can see that the 1st script I received was quite different than the final one: there were many more gnomes, even girl gnomes with different personality and costumes. It seems that in the last shape of the story they kept only few buddies with one costume.
At such early process, things can change and move so fast, director can change, a whole crew can change but what remained, from my time to the final, is their idea to simplify the shape of the gnomes to the maximum. It had always been the key word.
All the researches are real sketches, I made a Zbrush path just to have fun at the end of my contract.
I let you discover the boards of characters I drew!!