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Trollhunters Guillermo del Toro/Dreamworks next art show!

Hi Guys!
I've been invited to be part of a next exhibition art show of the Guillermo del Toro's awesome TROLLHUNTERS (Dreamworks TV show)!
I have discovered this TV show when it began and for a kid show, and as a grown up, I really had pleasure to watch it.
To prepare my future painting I had the idea to make a 3D enviro to set the mood. That was a good occasion to put my nose in the new updates and to be up to dated for my students too ^^ ... well, some good excuses just to say Zbrush called me badly again!!
The character I chose to fit in this scene is Blinky, this Troll character is very charming and it will be very fun to draw him.
It is super rare when I do fanart, I respect too much IPs and their creators but when it is asked officially and from an IP I like very much, I would be a fool to refuse ^^!
Next step will be in Photoshop ! Cheers ;-)